Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Goals for 2012

Limit myself to dessert only once per week.  I know this sounds funny, but I have such a sweet tooth and it's borderline embarrassing.  Since I'm strength-training and triathlon training and nursing, I find myself famished during the day.  I just need to stock up on healthier snacks.

Re-paint the laundry room, cuz lookie what got finished...
I have been wanting to repaint it for awhile, but told myself I'd do so after the cabinet doors were on.  (Props to my awesome hubs!  He built these cabinets from scratch, y'all!)

Finish our 2011 Reflection Journal entry.  We write in a journal together each year and it's almost APRIL and we still have not had the time to get away together to write about the happenings of last year.

Simplify our toys.  We will never be the 'cool house' with tons of toys.  It's just not a priority to us.  Our kids might always want what other kids' have, but we will tell them to go have a hay day with rocks and sticks in the backyard.  :)  Though we don't have a ton, I still feel like we have too much!  I want to go through it and donate what we're not using.


Kate said...

Thoughts for the day: I love you. I miss you. Your kids are damn lucky to call you mom. You have some legit priorities. I wish we lived closer. You make me smile. I'm glad and blessed to call you friend.

Carey said...

Thanks for your thoughts, old roomie! :) yes, living close would be fun and you could teach me all the awesome intellectual stuff you're learning to balance out my life of poopy diapers and Elmo.

Emily said...

Only one dessert a WEEK? I think I'll start with one a day... I have a horrible sweet tooth.