Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Have Post-Birth Baby Jiggle and Why I Don't Care

I realize about myself that I don't have the typical runner's body.  I've only been at it for 2 years now and if eating less homemade baked goods is the reason, then so be it.  There is usually a moment when I am about to pass an oncoming pedestrian and for a second, I wonder, "What do I look like to them?  Probably pretty ridiculous.  Probably they think I need to lose a few.  Probably I should cut back on the yummy goodness I've been making lately."  But then I shake it off as lies, realize how good I feel in my skin, and party on pass them.  I hate that I still let that kind of foolishness in my head at times, but I have a feeling that I'm not alone in it.

Here's the anatomy of my running self and a 'lil sales pitch.
 OMG, what did I do before this stuff?  I rubbed myself raw, I tell ya.  A dear friend heard my cry for help when I told her what awful chafing issues I was having on my 5+ mile runs. (The longer I'd sweat, the worse it got.)  I forgot about our conversation and she later surprised me with this stuff and it's amazing!  It fixes everything I had hoped it would.  My problem areas were the bra line and my thighs (Hey, I'm being real here.), and I can say that I have no problems now.  If you ever have chafing issues while exercising, try this stuff!

* Can I still call it 'post-birth baby jiggle' if my youngest is approaching 1 year?  :)


jen said...

i love you and i love this post!

Melissa Heffelfinger said...

LOVE this post!! Um, yes! I'm pretty sure from here on out you can always call it post-baby whatever, right? At least that was my plan ;) You look GREAT, and I'm glad you don't let those things in your head too often!

JKreeger said...

Um You look amazing!!! I wish my post birth jiggle looked that good! love you and all your hard work. You are so dedicated. Don't let the lies crawl into your brain. You are a child of God and that my friend, is beautiful :)