Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Life Feels More Right

To sum up the arrival of our second daughter:  We are in love.  In so many ways, Lydia is similar to Vera.  In other ways, they are very different.  As much as we absolutely adore our Vera, life just feels more right now that Lydia is here.  We are on the way to completing our family someday and having two kiddos feels more 'right.'

I feel like I am experiencing what normal moms feel with their newborns; instant love, bonding, and wanting to be near their babies all the time.  I don't mind being up with her at night.  I don't mind nursing this time around.  I don't mind the cries or the endless dirty laundry or the added responsibilities of another child.  I am so thankful for another daughter and think it will be so fun raising sisters.

Vera is adjusting to her new role and the first thing she says when she wakes up is "baby."  I think she understands that Lydia isn't going anywhere and that she's here to stay.  Sometimes Vera is super sweet and wants to hold the baby and give her hugs and kisses and pat her gently.  Other times she wants to push her off my lap.  The back and forthness of this new learning curve might take awhile, but I believe she will really love her new little sibling eventually.

Chris is home this week and we are soaking up the family time.  If I could have him around all the time I would be a happy woman.  I love him and love when he's near.  He is so confident looking with his two girls.  Which is hot.  My husband is hot.  He's such a good daddy and he takes care of us so well.

All in all, it's been a really good almost-week with our new addition.  Granted, I know that it will get more challenging once I am home alone with my girls and Marlow, but I am feeling optimistic.  And very blessed.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Than a Mom

After reading this article, written by one of my favorite local bloggers, I began to think about what makes me me.  What I mean by this is that since my days are filled to the max with diaper changing, refilling of cups, wiping a snotty nose countless times, and breathing deeply through tantrums, I wanted to sit and write down a list of things about myself that have nothing to do with my tasks of motherhood.

I love to sing.
I love to run.
I love to cook/bake.
I love entertaining, having people over, and putting pretty napkins on the table.
I love having time to write snail mail.
I really love my dog.
I love alone time in a coffee shop, observing people or reading.

My shoe size is 9.  My feet stopped growing in 6th grade.
I typically go for sweet over salty.
My husband proposed to me over Thai food.
I own a lot of black clothing.

2011 has been the first year we have consistently stayed in budget every week.
We once lost our dog for a week, then found him again.
I have several permanent scars on my wrists from pulling things out of the oven.
My facial soap always smells like garlic.

If there weren't other big matters to get involved with in life, I could easily be an animal activist.
My favorite class in college was a sociology class about race, class, and religion.
I haven't read very many books this year.
Sometimes I still scribble my maiden name because it looks pretty in cursive.

While being a mom is of utmost importance, I think it's equally as important to continue being Carey and to reconnect with things I enjoy.  Perhaps that sounds self-centered to you.  It sounds heavenly to me.