Thursday, April 26, 2007

Liberate Your Legs

Will you be celebrating this year? For more info, including a radio promo, promotional flyers, and events in your area celebrating this holiday, established in 1985, visit their website.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

What a Weekend

Saturday some people from my community group came over and did yard work with me. It was so helpful and great to give our yard a bit of a facelift in a day. I now have a little garden containing 4 different kinds of tomatoes, 3 different kinds of peppers, sweet basil, lavendar thyme, and chives. I'm excited to see them grow and excited to use them in my cooking.

After the work day, Marlow and I went to a picnic with some friends downtown. He had a fun time hanging out with other doggies there.

The best part of the day was Chris's return. After 30+ hours of traveling and being gone for nearly a month, he finally returned safe and sound.

Yesterday morning we went hiking with Marlow and again, Marlow LOVED playing in the water. It's so fun to see him in pure puppy mode, playing, splashing, and running about. He's so fun.

Chris's friend from college, Kara, came to visit last night for a couple of hours. We went to church together and ate dinner afterwards. It was a short visit, but nice to hang out with a fellow Hoosier.

And today has been so relaxing. I had the day off, and Chris was able to just not go into work. Maybe part of it is the gloomy day, but it was been very peaceful and slow-going, a good change for us. We found a great little donut shop and ate there for breakfast while also competing in Take Two. Chris won. Then we came back and took our pup walking. He's a sucker for love, and just likes being around us. We've just been hanging around at home today. Chris is counting down to his deadline of staying awake until 10pm. He's still getting over his jet-lag.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Treats for Tricks

This weekend I had a fun time with a few girls from my community group. We carpooled together to the retreat that met at a ranch in New Braunfels. It was a quick trip, but refreshing to meet some new faces from our church and learn about what kind of influence I can be. Here's a picture of my community group gals.
Also, Marlow has learned two new tricks. They are "speak" and he'll bark, and "jump" and he'll jump in the air for a treat. So fun to train him and see his understanding of new vocabulary grow.

Chris gets back Saturday! I've missed him a lot and can't wait to resume our lives together. :)

I start teaching my first two night classes of "Canapés, Can I Please?" next week.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Marlow & Me

For the Easter weekend, Marlow and I trekked up to Colleyville and spent it with my family on the Bonser side. He did great traveling in the car there and back--pretty much just slept the entire time in the car, just like I usually do. It was a fun get-a-way, but it is always nice to come home and get back into the normal routine. This weekend I am off to a Womens' Retreat with my church, so Marlow is going to stay with friends and their dog, Jackson. He loves playing with him.

I worked today, but not very long, so I was back in time to run to the bank and to Target on the way home. I walked Marlow and now he's sleeping, catching up on some rest before we go over to Casey and Megan's tonight for dinner.

Veronica, the girl that's been staying here, is just here for about another week long. She's been great company while Chris is away, and not a bother at all. Sometimes I make excuses for not wanting to have company over at our house since it's not remodeled yet or I think some things don't look very nice for guests, but I think I just need to get over that. Hopefully no one cares anyway when they visit us, so I shouldn't care either.

Have I mentioned how much I love my puppy?? He's growing fast and getting big.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Chef Instructor

I got a new job! I had an interview Tuesday with the Young Chefs Academy of Austin. I will be teaching adult cooking classes twice a week, developing the curriculum, recipes, menu planning, and grocery shopping. I will be working part-time so as to keep my employment as a personal chef, which I love doing. I am excited to be challenged in a new way and to finally have an outlet where my culinary skills are really needed. The first couple of classes I will be teaching are "Canapés, Can I Please?" and a cake decorarting class. This is great because I get to combine my love of teaching with culinary arts.

Monday, April 02, 2007

April Fool's Jokes

Did you have a joke played on you or did you play one on someone else? Post a comment to share it. I'd love to hear. I thought about calling Chris (he's in Singapore for work) and telling him I was pregnant, but I didn't think he'd believe me because that's not something you really tell someone over the phone.

I got fooled--by Google. Did anyone else believe the whole "Google Paper" thing? I thought it was an interesting idea, kind of dumb, but I did believe it. It gave me a laugh this morning when I learned of it's falsity.