Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What I Did Today During Naptime {The Great Switcheroo}

I've been doing lots of switcheroo-ing 'round these parts lately.  The goal being to spend very little money if any at all, but to get my 'freshing up' fix.

I took our master bathroom mirror, painted it white, put hooks on it and hung it in the laundry room.
I took the mirror caddy that was on the laundry room wall previously and positioned it in our front entryway.  I removed a dark console table that was there, too, to open it up.  When friends come over, there's always this awkward moment of Where do I go?  We both don't fit? and a little shuffling around happens.  But now I like both the laundry room space and entryway better.
If you're still tracking with me, imagine if you will, the now laundry room mirror in the master bathroom (below).  It was the mirror that came with the "kit" and matched everything else.  I'm discovering about myself that I'm not a fan of matchy-matchy stuff.

The current mirror in the master bathroom (painted turquoise awhile back) was in the entryway of the house (confused yet?).  Now that it's in the master bathroom, I find the pop of color refreshing.


amy said...

Fun, easy and cheap switches are always fun!

Emily said...

I love it! I am in a purging organizing mood as well, and your ideas are inspiring!

Lindsay said...

PERFECT switcharoos! It all looks great!