Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Chinese Thankgiving

Last night we had over 8 Chinese friends who work with Chris at AMD. They are in the states for a year and some of them have only been here a couple of months so far. They had never been inside an American home before, so we thought it'd be the perfect opportunity to invite them over for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. We had a lot of fun and they were such sweet people. I was overwhelmed at how many gifts we received from them just for inviting them over. They gave Chris a handmade, silk neck tie, and we also received flowers, wine, chocolates, a fruit basket, a handmade, silk sash, and chopsticks. I envy that kind of giving spirit from their culture and wish more white people were like that. We were really blessed to have their company last night.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your happy event. I , likewise, have Chinese coupled with others of foreign ancestry as friends and acquaintances....
Your freinds gave you gifts that they thought you would enjoy. Subliminally gifts of that nature reflect items your friends would also like to receive. These items physically affirm their desire to bring you closer to them...
Thank you, again, for relating this, so obvious yet - on my part-misplaced, American trait. Additionally, I needed ideas on gifts that would maintain and enhance my close friends well being.
I wish you & yours... Health, Wealth and Happiness.
Valentino (Val) Scott