Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Sweet & Spinachy

All this week I have really struggled having any motivation at all.  Haven't brushed my teeth?  Not a problem.  Moldy ring in the toilet?  Who cares.  Dog needs a walk?  Not gonna happen.  This lack of energy seeps into my meals, too.  Err, lack thereof.  Such as, I had M&Ms for dinner last night.  But I'm trying to redeem my time a little today.  First step, eat something healthy.  So I gather some ingredients on my counter, shove it into the blender, and this little beauty is born.  Try it.  It might energize the rest of your week.
1 frozen banana
1 huge handful of spinach leaves
1 T raw honey
1/4 c. coconut water
1 cup cold almond milk